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Plastic Thin Wall Cup Injection Mould

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Plastic Thin Wall Cup Injection Mould

Model: Thin Wall Cup Injection Mould

Brand: OEM
Price: 6500 $
Unit: set
Minorder: 1
Payment: T/T
Port: Dongguan
Place: China
Packaging: Crates

Plastic Thin Wall Cup Injection Mould

The services we can provide for CNC model and rapid prototyping:

  1. Industrial design
  2. Small quantity Brass/Aluminum parts machining
  3. Reverse engineering
  4. Injection molding
  5. Rapid silicone mould and vacuum casting
  6. CNC prototype manufacturing

1.Details of parts 

Material of parts

PP,Pa6,Pa66,PPT,AS,ABS,PE,PC and so on


perfect surface

Die life of mold

300,000 shots


2. Details of mold


Product range

Mold design, mold making and produce plastic parts

Material of mold

SKD61, 718H and so on, which you can choose .

Mold frame

45 Pre-hardened>30HRC

Cooling system


Medium-term treatment

Improve the hardness

Die life

300000 shots, 500000 shots



Mold processing technology

Review plan --- stock preparation --- processing --- rough mold base --- punching machine --- EDM die sinking --- die machining --- inspection --- assembly --- flight mode --- tryout ---customer confirm sample ---delivery

Runner  system

1 point gate hot runner

Ejection  system

Inclined ejecting block

Moulds  running

Full automaticity

Moulds  features

Complex mould structure. Etc.

Injection cycle time:

12s, 15s, 18s, 20s, 22s, 25s(high speed injection machine)



Mould life 

30000-500000 Shots

Delivery time

15-60 working days