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Astr Industry Co., Ltd can provide the precision machinery parts, plastics and solutions as well as your OEM parts manufacturer.

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Our Story

Knowing that the goal of any manufacturing project is to reduce costs and make you more competitive, our team of mechanical and manufacturing engineers will work in partnership with your company to recommend the best possible solution for the greatest return on investment.

We guarantee the highest quality materials, manufacturing methods, and OEM components available. Our equipment warranty on all of our standard and custom equipment demonstrates that we stand behind the equipment we build. In terms of annual dollars spent, machining is the most important of the manufacturing processes. Machining can be defined as the process of removing material from a workpiece in the form of chips. The term metal cutting is used when the material is metallic. Most machining has very low set-up cost compared to forming, molding, and casting processes. However, machining is much more expensive for high volumes. Machining is necessary where tight tolerances on dimensions and finishes are required.

Astr Industry Co., Ltd was founded in 2002; with our innovative, dedicated and experienced team we can provide the precision machinery parts, plastics and solutions as well as your OEM parts manufacturer. We use a custom software system that tracks every aspect of the design and build process to guarantee the delivery time of the products. Our engineering and quality assurance system guarantees your satisfaction. Value, reliability, quality, competitive pricing, guaranteed fast delivery and courteous customer service are what have earned us our customers loyalty.

We own over a group of stable customers both home and abroad. Our products have been shipped all over the world including destinations in Europe, North America, Japan, Korea, Mexico, and Italy.

ASTR will sincerely satisfy all clients due to honesty values, ideal quality, competitive price and appropriate logistics. With the latest CAD/CAE/CAM/Solid Works software, we provide our clients with accurate designs, including product designs, parts structure designs, product manufacture technical designs and finished product inspection standard designs. Through our high quality, safe, innovative, attractively designed, competitively priced products, ethically, honestly, courteous and reliable service, and on time delivery to all of our clients, and let them better position themselves with final buyers.

Making friends with every customer, providing excellent products, and creating more value for our buyers, these are our beliefs forever. We welcome you to explore the possibilities. Insisting on the tenet of “Best Quality, Lowest Price, Best service”, we are looking forward to build long term business relationships with you for mutual benefit.

Our Team

Skillful engineer and worker help you build your engineering drawing into products. If you can dream it, ASTR can build it!