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Copper CNC Machining Parts

Brand: ASTR
Price: 8 $
Unit: Pcs
Minorder: 1
Payment: T/T
Port: Dongguan
Place: China
Packaging: Safe and Strong Box

Copper CNC Machining Parts

Machining service

CNC Turning,lathe,milling,grinding, drilling,etc.some related machining are available like wire EDM,Laser,Punching,variuos surface treatment.


Surface treatment for metal parts:


Heat Treating,Painting,Part Cleaning,Plating & Coating,Powder Coating,Precision Grinding


Reverse Engineering,Special Packaging,Tumbling ,Assembly,Logo Engraving,Etching etc.


After-sale service

All parts will be 100% inspection before packaging, we provide rework or remade service if  unqualified