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Custom-Made Plastic Injection mould

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Custom-Made Plastic Injection mould

Brand: ASTR
Price: 3865 $
Unit: Set
Minorder: 1
Payment: T/T
Port: Dongguan
Place: China
Packaging: Crates

        plastic injection
  • OEM/ODM orders welcome
  • Customized designs are accepted
  • Core material: P20, 718, NAK80, S136, SKD11, 1.2738, 1.2311, 718 or customized
  • Tool base: HASCO, DME or requirement
  • Plastic materials: PP, PE, ABS, PC, acrylic, PS, nylon + GF, TPE/TPR, silicone, PEEK, POM and PVC
  • Engraving: date stamps (year and month), logo type and more
  • Hardness treatment: through nitrogen vacuum quenching, heat treated as requirement
  • Standard mold parts: DME, HASCO and more
  • Design software: US, SolidWorks, Pro-E, 3D Max, AutoCAD and UG
  • Process: CNC, high-speed engrave, EDM, wire cut and drill
Part Material:  ABS
No. of Cavities1
Mold BaseCI3025A80B80
Core/Cavity SteelNAK80
Lead time  25